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Auto Surf Scripts, Manual Surf Scripts, Banner Exchange Scripts.

No matter what type of traffic exchange you want to start, Traffic Exchange Scripts has you covered. Our Traffic Exchange Scripts use PHP & MYSQL and are perfect for anyone wishing to start a traffic exchange business.


All of our traffic exchange scripts are highly customizable and are NOT locked down with any annoying script encryption.

Our traffic exchange scripts have been re coded to use the latest version of PHP and are guaranteed to work or your money back no questions asked.


Traffic Exchange Scripts

Auto Surf Basic

Basic Auto Surf Script
Simple Yet Powerful, Straight Auto Surf

Auto Surf With PTC

Auto Surf With PTC Script
Popular choice, Auto surf with PTC

Manual Surf Script

Manual Surf Script
With onsite ad rotator, Manual Surf


Banner Exchange Script
Fantastic PHP Banner exchange script

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Newly Added Scripts

Manual Surf Script

Manual Surf Traffic Exchange Script

Start an Manual Surf Traffic Exchange Today, PHP/MYSQL driven for fast reliable Traffic, Web based administration system that includes full statistical reporting. You can promote your own sites in the exchange using a 1 to 1 surf ratio or a 10 to 1 scale, you decide.

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Traffic Exchange Scripts

Start A Traffic Exchange Today, The popularity of traffic exchanges continues to grow with webmasters and blog owners continuously searching for new ways to promote their web sites & blogs.

Our Traffic Exchange Scripts have you covered. Imagine you could start your own traffic exchange today and become the administrator of your own traffic flow. You could be controlling how many hits Your web sites receive and how many banner impressions your ads and offers receive. What could you do with an unlimited supply of web site traffic?

The Choice is Yours, What Type of traffic exchange business are you looking to start?

Auto Surf | Auto Surf + PTC | Manual Surf | Banner Exchange

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